All tasks, messages and reminders are communicated in HRlab directly via e-mail or in-app message to the respective addressees without delay. This allows for you to always have an overview of all pending tasks and to assign responsibilities only one click away.

News at a Glance

  • Flexible configuration of notifications for absences, tasks and dates
  • Free selection of desired recipients
  • Delivery via email with links to and an overview in the message window
  • Publication of internal messages and news
  • Configurable for companies, locations and/or departments
  • Design and publication status

Easily allocate and access to-do’s

An easy and uninterruptible communication of tasks, messages and notifications to all concerned employees is a central requirement for HR systems. If this is not guaranteed and system discontinuities are given, a loss of information, delays or also a lack of acceptance by employees outside the personnel area arise quickly.

Say your goodbyes to things falling through the crack

In all processes, in which employees or their supervisors are involved or conversely the personnel department needs to react on applications, notices or actions of the employees, specific notifications are triggered in HRlab via email and each include a link as direct access to the relevant details pages of the application. Additionally, employees have an overview of all their concerning notifications in an own window. The selection of recipients as well as of relevant events and dates is freely configurable and can be adjusted needs-based to the employee level. For superordinate news that concern a department, a location or the whole company, a single menu range is given which can be used as a digital notice board.