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Inner resignation – an employee’s reaction to frustrating experiences

11. January 2021

Frustration at work: What helps to counter internal resignation The internal resignation of employees is a problem that is often underestimated in companies. Too many managers still pursue a “head-in-the-sand” policy instead of facing the situation. But with timely intervention, a lot of damage can be averted by the employee and the company. What does […]

Peer Recruiting HRlab

Peer Recruiting – When the team picks its new colleagues

30. November 2020

What is Peer Recruiting? In most companies, hiring new employees is still a matter that management and HR departments carry out themselves. The opinion of the new employee’s colleagues usually only plays a subordinate role in the recruiting process. In times when employees and teams in companies in all industries are increasingly working independently, the […]

With these tips the concentration in home office stays.

Concentration in Home Office – How Distraction Has No Chance

19. March 2020

Tips to avoid a leak of concentration in home office – In home office, distraction traps are lurking everywhere, so that it can be hard to focus on the work. Especially, if the workplace is actually our place to relax or to sleep. In this case, it is even harder to keep the concentration up. For […]

Useful Information From and About HRlab

How you can administer your employee data and processes online and simultaneously manage communication, tasks and documents? HRlab has answers to all your questions about the HR Software. Do you want to know more about the usage, the handling of data and the requirements for an efficient HR management? We clarify all crucial questions about a digital employee management with HRlab. If you still have any uncertainties, we would be happy to help along.

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