Analytics in HR – progress that is here to stay! But what are the benefits of analytics and how are they used correctly?

By applying HR analytics, individual HR processes can be optimized from the ground up. Nevertheless, there is still the challenge of using analytics in HR efficiently in the right places. Why is that? Analytics is an area that is constantly evolving and uncovering new opportunities. That’s why it’s important to stay on the ball!

In many companies, the use of HR analytics is still in its infancy, while others don’t use it at all. The possibilities and opportunities are therefore far from being fully exploited. This is partly due to the fact that this area is developing faster than companies manage to keep up with the trend.

HRlab’s contributions under this category focus on showing entrepreneurs what opportunities the use of analytics in HR brings and how ultimately the entire company can benefit from it. The goal here is to show companies, and HR in particular, how to take the step in the right direction and how to take advantage of the opportunities that come with it.

In plain language, this means that from employee retention to workforce planning – the blog posts in this category will show you how and where you can use analytics and what you will get out of it in the end. We look at individual HR processes and how they can be simplified and optimized as a result.

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