Recruiting is one of the supreme disciplines of HR and at the same time a category that changes constantly.

To find talented candidates and to attract motivated employees are important tasks of the daily routine in any enterprise. Therefore, recruiting is a fundamental process in every company – a process that makes use of huge time capacities and resources. However, it is one of the most important processes. This fact applies to small companies that are still growing. But also bigger companies need to stay competitive and future orientated by finding the best candidates.

Due to new technical opportunities and changing requirements on skills and qualifications of employees, recruiting is under constant change. It needs to adapt to new conditions and demands. Therefore, it is more important than ever that companies stay up to date with all kinds of developments and new opportunities. By adapting the recruiting process to new demands, the best talents can be found and bonded most efficiently.

The blog of HRlab deals with trends and developments in recruiting regularly. It aims to find answers for the question, how appropriate candidates can be found and attached to the company purposefully and long lasting. In the war for talents, it is nothing more important than to stand out. Therefore, companies need to optimize and facilitate the application process by modern instruments. A special interest lies in new technologies and digital ways for a most efficient candidate search.

The articles of this blog category shows how you can optimize your recruiting process but also how you identify the right candidates for your business. In doing so, the articles focus on the newest developments and current trends. Plus, the articles provide innovative opportunities in the search of new employees by giving useful and helpful tips.

Peer Recruiting HRlab

Peer Recruiting – When the team picks its new colleagues

30. November 2020

What is Peer Recruiting? In most companies, hiring new employees is still a matter that management and HR departments carry out themselves. The opinion of the new employee’s colleagues usually only plays a subordinate role in the recruiting process. In times when employees and teams in companies in all industries are increasingly working independently, the […]

With less job requirements, the selection of applicants and therefore the guarantee to find the right candidates rises.

What Job Advertisements Actually Need (And What Not)

30. January 2020

Why you can’t find the right candidates with overloaded job advertisements – What is written in job advertisements is more often a free imagination of what candidates should be like. The result is: Job advertisements often appear as fantasy novels. If you text novels rather than concrete job advertisements, you better forget your job search directly. […]