Business Travel

In HRlab, business trips and travel expenses can be recorded directly by your employees and checked and approved by supervisors, HR or accounting as required. Say your goodbyes to any unnecessary back and forth between responsibilities and approvals.

Business Travel at a Glance

  • Comfortable application and authorization of business travels
  • Optionally recording of travels by employees without any authorization
  • Itinerary with various destinations
  • Settlement of travel costs
  • Automatic consideration of extra sustenance costs
  • Recording of expenses with upload of receipts and if required currency translation
  • Optionally multistage approval process

Easy integrations instead of isolated apps

In many companies, the handling of business travels and involved expenses is a domain of accounting rather than of the HR department. Accounting systems are regularly only accessible to a selected circle of users. Subsequently, cumbersome manual processes arise – either in the approval of travels or in the settlement of administration fees and costs incurred. Here again, the integration in an holistic personal management solution offers significant efficiency advantages.

Flexible approval processes & cost allocations

Depending on the specific rules of a company, travels can be recorded in HRlab directly by employees (self-approval) or enabled by supervisors, the HR, the controlling or other intended approvers after an application. Hereby, an assignment to customers, projects etc. is possible to allocate costs properly and if necessary to square them.

Automated cost calculation

In the recording and application of the compensation of travel costs, HRlab automatically calculates the relevant extra sustenance costs and enables the upload of receipts as well as the conversion in foreign currencies. For approved expenses, vouchers can be generated or collective postings can be used in the course of data preparation for the accounting.