HRlab’s Dashboard is every user’s entry point and consists of a variety of widgets illustrating all relevant topics for your daily business at a glance. Easy to access and with the holistic approach typical to HRlab.

Dashboard at a Glance

  • Quick overview of all important information and reports
  • Individual creation via drag&drop
  • Straight overview of open tasks and applications for leave
  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Widgets for the calendar and news overview
  • Synchronization with MS Outlook, Google Calendar and iCalendar
  • Direct link to applications, tasks and sickness notifications

Comprehensive Overview

Holistically oriented HR systems are challenged to ensure a comprehensive overview of all the information at hand. Another thing to consider: Individual users have individual preferences for how they want to access functions and data. Dashboards are the go-to solution for this: Users can prioritise the order of information shown based on their personal preferences. At the same time, each of the widgets in the dashboard leads to their respective functions. One click away.

Widgets Deep Dive

In total, HRlab offers 13 widgets. Each with a different focus varying from currently open request or tasks over birthday and anniversary notes to absence notifications and log time recordings. They can be moved around via drag&drop and also hidden all together per individual preference.

This way users have all relevant information at a glance and won’t need to search through each function. Applications, tasks or messages, vacation requests – one click and users are directly where they need to be.