Digital Personnel File

With its digital personnel file, our All-in-One HR solution allows for the management of all master and transaction data to be well-structured, easy to access and transparent. So you can find everything collected in one place. Based on assigned access rights, of course.

Digital personnel file at a Glance

  • Complete administration of master data and transaction data
  • Clear presentation and quick access to all employee information
  • Business and private contact (incl. emergency contact)
  • Transparent history of contracts and payroll
  • Assignment to companies, locations, departments and teams
  • Relationship of supervisors
  • Notes and dates
  • Function for an efficient mass recording

All data in one place & accessible from anywhere

In the field of HR, digital personnel files are key to a digitalisation strategy. Storing information and documents paper-based and filed in their dedicated shelfs of horror is yesterday’s business. Instead, all relevant documents, master and transaction data are now available digitally and in one place. Everyone can enjoy easy and comfortable access to their authorised personnel files – regardless of location and time. Thanks to our cloud-based solution.

Central documentation & maintenance

In HRlab, the digital personnel file combines an easily configurable document filing per employee. This comes with easy maintenance of master data and a comprehensive overview of presences and absences. Also included: Every employees development, contract and payroll history, events and target agreements.

Role-based & compliant access rights

Whether or not users can access separate features, directories and documents depends on the role-based settings. Those differ for HR staff, supervisors and employees in their extend (reading, writing, editing, etc.). To edit data of a number of employees at the same time, HRlab provides its mass recording feature.