Employee Self Service

A comprehensive employee self service setup is key to avoid unnecessary administrative tasks and allow for maximum transparency across employees. So your HR team can finally get back to the more strategic development of your various departments.

Employee Self Service at a Glance

  • Application for leave and sick note via PC or mobile device
  • Update of address and bank data
  • Online recording of master data by new employees (also before the start)
  • Access to employment contract, payroll and other documents
  • Personal overview of presences and absences
  • Optional overview of (anonymized) absences on department or location level
  • Recording of own notes and upload of private documents possible

Taking the fast lane with employee self service

While isolated software solutions such as payroll or time management systems facilitate a more efficient work for HR managers to a certain degree, they come with highly time-consuming processes and switching costs. What’s eating up the majority of time is the amount of manual tasks:

  • Providing each individual with their payroll,
  • Applying & authorising leaves,
  • Recording master data for new employees,
  • Editing sick notes.

With employee self service in place, every individual is fully involved in the digitalisation process and empowered to do most of those tasks by themselves.

Reduced admin tasks for HR

Other than the obvious benefit of increased transparency this is also a huge time-saver for HR managers. Employees can not only record applications for leave or sick notes independently of time and location via PC, smartphone or tablet. They can further change addresses and bank data or add new qualifications and certificates where needed. Beyond that, employees gain easy access to their digitalized payroll and other shared documents all saved in their personal profile.

Push notifications & neat data entry

Tasks, events and news on company or department level are communicated by push notifications and saved in the employee’s profile. Optionally, an integrated calendar provides an overview of (anonymized) absences for colleagues. New employees can self-complete their data such as social security number, health insurance or tax ID in the app. This prevents the need for isolated data collections and drastically reduces the processing of reported data.