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In HRlab’s holistic solution, payroll-relevant master and transaction data is efficiently prepared in the preparatory payroll accounting via an extra report.

Preparatory Payroll Accounting at a Glance

  • Management of all salary-relevant information
  • Detailed maintenance of tax and social security data
  • Consideration of all gross payment components as well as net salaries and withdrawals
  • Easy recording of transaction data (one-time payments, working hours etc.)
  • Efficient processing and display of all data relevant to billing
  • Administration of additional services such as pension scheme, company cars and benefits
  • Wage types that are flexible configurable
Screen displaying HRlab feature Preparatory Payroll Accounting

Many processes and activities of the daily personnel work show a close connection to payroll services. At the same time, a high transparency is important for e.g. the whole pay grade range regarding analyses, evaluations and interviews. Therefore, an uncomplicated recording and administration of all relevant personnel data as well as their easy and comprehensive transfer to the respective account system brings major benefit.

HRlab not only allows to manage common account data such as current salary components, net salaries and withdrawals, tax and social security ID or health insurance, but also additional services such as the pension scheme, company cars or performance-related fees. Furthermore, variable fees or one-time payments can be entered comfortably through mass recording forms. Changes or preparations of master and transaction data that are relevant to billing are prepared efficiently through a separate report and therefore can be recorded easily in payroll services. Alternatively, the flexible implementation of interface functions to salary systems is possible.