Process Manager

HRlab’s intelligent workflow and task management supports any employee-related processes, enabling significant efficiency wins in your daily HR work. Create exactly the workflows you need and enjoy an automated process with clearly assigned responsibilities.

Process Manager at a Glance

  • Extremely flexible configuration of workflows and approval processes
  • Automatic start (date oriented) or manually triggered
  • Over 70 dates and events as trigger available
  • Preparation of individual tasks, dependences and allocations
  • Differently configurable per location and department
  • Applicable for e.g. on/offboarding, status change and reminders
  • Transparent overview of all open and closed processes

Create any task you need

Beyond the approval and confirmation of absences, numerous processes exist in the daily personal work which are processed without any systemic support that provides tools such as to-do lists, Excel templates or written instructions. Low transparency, high error rates and time-consuming handling are regularly the result. Indeed, well-advanced HR systems support on and offboarding workflows by now. However, many other processes stay unconsidered – either the integration of the works council or the executive board regarding contract amendments and terminations, or the monitoring of expiring contracts, certificates, specific dates such as regularly trainings or the submission of enrolment or other certificates.

Process activation only one click away

To reach an highest possible flexibility against this background, HRlab is not limited on isolated functions for on and offboarding, but allows to display almost any kind of workflow by a flexibly configurable Process Manager. Hereby, tasks can be predefined for different addressees and brought in a dependency. The content of the tasks can be designed dynamically by the usage of place holders so that in dependency to the specific situation the right information is automatically communicated. The appropriate workflows are triggered manually or optionally automatically through selected dates and events such as the entry date, location or department changes, contract changes, interview and training dates or the start or ending of absences. The extremely high flexibility of the Process Manager of HRlab allows in contrast to other HR systems an outstanding digitization of personal processes and enables especially high efficiency gains.