Career steps, qualifications, certificates and training of employees can be easily recorded and evaluated in HRlab. This not only gives you an overview of the existing competencies in your company, but you also know exactly where there is potential for further development. For continuous growth and increased competitiveness!

Qualification at a Glance

  • Overview of all professional qualifications
  • Language skills and special abilities
  • Administration of certificates
  • Presentation of the educational and professional career of employees
  • Planning and documentation of development interviews etc.
  • Evaluation and export of knowledge and qualifications
  • Upload of documents

Easy recording and allocation

A transparent overview of qualifications and careers of employees is not only in the course of talent management of essential importance for the HR Department. Training and promotion measures need to be planned and recorded. Especially for different kind of providers, the efficient administration of certificates plays an important role to be able to react quickly and precisely to tenderings and to stay effective to existing customers in all kinds of matters.

Feedback and trainings smoothly organized

Besides the educational and professional career of employees, their knowledge and experiences in different areas can be easily recorded and evaluated in HRlab. Acquired certificates including their validity can be allocated to determine quickly at any time how many certified employees are available for certain projects and themes. Of course, associated documents can be uploaded and downloaded as required. Interviews with employees can be terminated with an additional automatic reminder and events as well as agreed targets or notes can be recorded.