HRlab supports the management and publication of open positions via career site or external job portals and enables efficient management of incoming applications. Both external communication with applicants and internal processes such as feedback requests and interview logging are conveniently supported.

Recruitment at a Glance

  • Preparation and administration of open positions
  • Publication of tenderings through integrable career sites
  • Online application via career site or manual registration
  • Flexibly configurable application process
  • Function for feedback and evaluation
  • Alternatively a simple connection to Prescreen as highly specialized recruitment solution
  • Automatic preparation of recruited applicants as new users

Win the war for talents

The recruitment of qualified employees is increasingly a bottleneck factor regarding the sustainable success of a company. Thus, there are a bunch of modern software solutions by now that support the different recruiting channels and that offer a very detailed range of functions. In the search for a system landscape in the personnel area it is always important to evaluate the requirements for a recruiting tool and whether a specialized solution is useful.

Tailored career sites or APIs to partner solutions

HRlab is flexible oriented to support particularly high functional requirements by cooperating with Prescreen as a high-quality partner solution or to cover standardized requirements through an individual module. The latter allows the preparation and administration of open positions as well as their publication on an integrable career site.

Multipostings – so you don’t miss the right talent

Applications are received either automatically through the career site or can be recorded manually. The stages of the recruitment processes are flexible configurable and interviews or other activities can be documented through notes and templates. Shall applicants be hired – via the individual module of HRlab or via Prescreen – the hiring happens through a simple command function which creates a new user in HRlab and which triggers prepared onboarding processes automatically.