Screen displaying HRlab feature sickness

At a Glance

  • Quick recording and control of sickness notifications
  • Clear evaluation of sick days and absence rates
  • Online upload for certificates of incapacity
  • Flexible configuration of certificate duties
  • Free selection of relevant absence types (sick, child sick, cure etc.)
  • Multistage confirmation process if necessary
  • Individually configurable notifications

In the daily personal work, the editing of sickness notifications is frequently one of the most cumbersome work. For example, the personal department and supervisors need to be informed separately and medical certificates need to be transmitted and filed laboriously in paper form. The electronic recording, audit and confirmation of sickness notifications offers a substantial simplification, especially if employees can upload certificates of incapacity as a photo or scan in the HR system.

HRlab is designed to display the whole process of sickness electronically. Employees can enter sickness notifications and upload medical certificates independently of location and time. Any type of sickness notification is communicated without delay to supervisors, the personal department and other parties by email notification and displayed on the dashboard as well as in the calendar and in absence overviews. Depending on the respective valid rules, certificate-free sickness can be accepted directly whereas for longer sickness notifications individual audit and approval processes can be adjusted. Clear evaluations of sick days and absence rates support an easy analysis of absences due to sickness.