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In time tracking in HRlab, our All-in-One software, working times can be recorded by online logging and/or in tables, as required.

Time Tracking at a Glance

  • Time tracking by online logging or in list form
  • Flexible valuation of presences and absences
  • Time account with fixed target hours or with a monthly balancing of wage-earning employees
  • Automatic pause correction and limit of maximally permitted working hours
  • Optionally time tracking of projects or activities
  • Transparent overview of all entries and corrections
  • Clear analyses and export for payroll
Screen displaying HRlab feature time tracking

An easy and transparent recording of working hours as well as the allocation to activities, clients or projects become increasingly important due to regulatory and economical requirements. Electronic solutions are therefore of distinct benefits over Excel lists or time sheets. Over isolated systems for time tracking and time management, integrated HR suites which include time tracking and working time accounts have not only advantages in the form of a greater transparency for all parties but also less effort for maintenance and lower costs.

In HRlab, working hours can be tracked by online logging and/or in comfortably designed list forms. If working times shall be approved by supervisors, this can be set for all employees or for single groups of employees whereby multistage approval processes can be differently prescribed per organizational unit. Additionally, entries on single activities, clients or projects are possible. Unlike many integrated HR systems, HRlab has a full-featured working time account that manages not only actual times but also target times or in case of wage-earning employees automatically reports compiled balances for payroll. Of course, this includes also a flexible valuation of absences, the automatic consideration of prescribed pause times and individual settings for part-time workers.