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Our holistic HR software offers an intuitive and very transparent way of handling requests for vacation, overtime compensation and home office. Their approval can take place via a multi-stage process.

Vacation at a Glance

  • Easy application and authorization
  • Overview of departments for resource planning
  • Transparent presentation of the leave account
  • Additional leave is configurable for longer periods of employment
  • Free definable transfer and maturity of remaining leave
  • Optional multistage approval process
  • Similarly useable for special leave, overtime balance, home office etc.
Screen displaying HRlab feature vacation

A comfortable and clear administration of vacation and other planned absences is necessary for good HR systems. Additionally, cloud-based solutions offer the advantage that employees can also make applications beyond their working time and catch up on authorization or free leave capacities. To display all authorization processes, that differ from company to company, and rules regarding remaining leave, a flexible configuration is possible. Otherwise, avoidable effort for correction cloud occur.

HRlab offers an intuitive and also transparent handling of applications of leave, overtime balances or home office including its processing. Authorization processes can be individually configured on employee level. The calendar view and free definable threshold values make clear whether enough resources remain in the department while an application is authorized.

A clear display of open and authorized leaves as well as of the particular leave accounts allow a fast and understandable overview of all leave related questions and requirements. The leave entitlement can be configured as default per location, but also for single employees. Furthermore, additional leave on the basis of disability and as required for a longer employment can be considered.