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A1 Certificate – Often unknown, but still very important

A business lunch in Paris, a trade fair visit in Milan or a technical lecture in Brussels – many people regularly or occasionally work abroad. Nevertheless, only very few professionals are aware that you must carry a so-called “A1 certificate” with you when you are on a business trip within Europe.

Accident at Work – What is the Correct Procedure?

Time and again, accidents happen while working or on the way to work. After these so-called occupational accidents, an employee is generally entitled to various benefits. However, to benefit, it is necessary to properly report the work accident. It is also often difficult to classify an accident as work-related, for example in a home office. After the accident, it is also possible that the employee may face dismissal.

Active Sourcing – What Is Active Sourcing?

Active sourcing stands for all measures to recruit suitable employees on the external labor market for one’s own company by directly contacting them. In the following, we would like to give you explanations as well as present tips, tricks and tools.