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Change-Management – Secure future viability

Nothing works without change-management (CM in short). While change processes alternated with consolidation phases before the digital revolution, change is now part of the daily agenda. Nevertheless, only four percent of employees consider their employer to be ready for a transformation. That is the result of the 2019 Change Fitness Study by Mutaree. Reason enough to take another look at change processes.

Collective Agreement

A collective agreement is a good way for employees to benefit from particularly favorable conditions. Under certain circumstances, these replace the provisions of the employment contract.

Corporate Integration Management (CIM)

According to the German Social Code, the employer is obliged to carry out occupational corporate integration management (CIM/BEM) if an employee is absent from work due to sickness for a longer period – more than six weeks within one year. As a rule, CIM/BEM also includes a CIM/BEM discussion with the employee concerned. If done well, occupational integration management has advantages for both parties and improves prevention and health protection in the company. To this end, companies ideally establish a CIM works agreement aimed at improving work and deploying employees in line with their qualifications.

Cloud HR-Software

HR is undergoing a transformation. New and more powerful cloud-based HR management software can effectively support the HR department in key tasks of the future. Our cloud HR software HRlab is just one example of many other helpful tools on the market.