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Employee Management Online

Employee administration online – what sounds very boring is one of the central tasks of HR. Because this is where all the relevant data comes together, which in the end also ensures that every employee can receive his or her salary.

Employee Appraisal – What Should Be Considered?

Once a year it comes up – the employee appraisal. For both employers and employees, the appraisal is often associated with anxiety, worry and stress. But this does not have to be the case. Because properly prepared, the appraisal interview offers a lot of potential to increase motivation and satisfaction in the company.

Electronic Personnel File

All information and documents relating to the employment relationship of an employee are usually collected by the HR department in a personal file. This personnel file, which is sometimes kept for decades, is in the traditional paper form. In the meantime, however, it has been replaced by a digital or electronic personnel file. The important thing here is how to handle the data in terms of labor law and data protection.

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