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Popular HR Topics

Jobsharing: The most important facts at a glance

Jobsharing is becoming increasingly popular in the working world. Not only employees who want flexibility, but also more and more employers are recognizing the potential of this working time model.

DATEV – Interface to payroll accounting

Founded in 1966 and headquartered in Nuremberg, DATEV eG is now one of the largest IT service providers in Europe and the third-largest provider in Germany (IDC ranking 2020). In addition to financial accounting, one of its main areas of expertise is payroll accounting.

Business Trips: Definition, renumeration, legal basis

Anyone who travels for business reasons is on a business trip – whether in Germany or abroad. As soon as the work is performed away from the usual place of work, it is referred to as a business trip. Whether the business trip counts as working time and is remunerated separately always depends on the national regulations.

A1 Certificate – Often unknown, but still very important

A business lunch in Paris, a trade fair visit in Milan or a technical lecture in Brussels – many people regularly or occasionally work abroad. Nevertheless, only very few professionals are aware that you must carry a so-called “A1 certificate” with you when you are on a business trip within Europe.

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Human resources work is a large and complex subject area. In order to recognize connections more easily, it is important to know as many technical terms as possible. This is how a comprehensive understanding of HR can be created. We want to support you with the HRlab lexicon and the most common HR topics to help you understand HR practices and apply them correctly.